My mission is to help individuals find more space in their bodies and within themselves.

Isabela Alzuguir: Holistic Yoga & Reiki

My Journey


I am also a carioca (born in Rio de Janeiro), and I've explored a radically different path before surrendering to Yoga: after working as a writer in TV and online markets for 15 years and reaching the point of burnout, it was time to surrender and take a leap toward growing into who I truly am. Yoga has been indispensable in this process of self-discovery.

This leap took me across the ocean. In Berlin, I earned a Master's degree in US-American Studies, with a focus on literature and intersectionality (Humboldt-Universität). Thanks to my intersectional studies and to Yoga, I embraced the power that lies in holding space for myself and my wish to support others. This desire and my unending gratitude to Yoga led me to Dharamshala, in the Indian Himalayas, where I became a certified multi-style Yoga teacher (Trimurti Yoga/Yoga Alliance RYT-200). I am trained in the Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga traditions, and my teaching focuses on the two first.

Additionally, I will soon be a certified Yoga Nidra teacher; through guided meditation, Yoga Nidra promotes a profoundly relaxed state of consciousness. Participants feel between asleep and wakeful states, and among the benefits of this practice are increased relaxation and concentration in practitioners’ daily lives.

Due to my understanding of Yoga as a system that goes much beyond physical postures (Asana), I incorporate other elements of the practice – such as meditation, Yoga philosophy, and my Yoga Nidra learnings – into my classes. My mission is to help individuals find more space in their bodies and within themselves, experiencing movements of breath, body, mind, and spirit, and engaging in a journey of exploration. To support this mission, I continuously work toward deepening my knowledge of Yoga and other holistic systems, such as Reiki and crystal healing.

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Isabela Alzuguir: Holistic Yoga & Reiki

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Isabela Alzuguir: Holistic Yoga

Holistic Yoga

Movement, Mindfulness & Spirituality

Yoga is a holistic system dating back thousands of years. "Why, then, do you call your classes Holistic Yoga?", you may be asking yourself. Naming my teaching style as Holistic Yoga was an active and conscious decision: my intention is to highlight and honor the essence of Yoga as an all-encompassing life path that offers its practitioners physical, mental, and spiritual nurturance, strength, and clarity.

Since the introduction of Yoga into the Western world and its growth outside its birthplace, India, this comprehensive path toward liberation has been reduced by many in the West to just one of its pillars: Asana, Yoga's physical practice. Although Asana is one of the fundamental limbs of Yoga organized and shared by the yogi Patañjali over two thousand years ago in his 196 Yoga Sutras, it is not the only one. Patañjali systematized the practice of Yoga in eight pillars:

  • Yama: social principles;

  • Niyama: personal observances;

  • Asana: body postures, or shapes;

  • Pranayama: breathing exercises to control Prana (life force);

  • Pratyahara: sensory control;

  • Dharana: concentration;

  • Dhyana: devotion and meditation; and

  • Samadhi: union with universal oneness.

Teaching with the notion of Holistic Yoga in mind means, to me, acknowledging the limbs of the practice and the practice as a life path of continual learning and development. Although Asana is the central part of my classes (unless a client exposes a different interest, which can be done in private sessions), I also incorporate Yoga philosophy, breathing exercises, mantra chanting, meditation, and other elements of movement, mindfulness and spirituality into my teaching (e.g., singing bowls, chakra work, Yoga Nidra).

My goal is to help my clients hold space for themselves, enjoying physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, as well as more freedom and autonomy through breath, movement, critical thinking, and creative exploration.

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